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Spiritual Self Development and Distant Healing

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Kofutu Level 2


Available by email or post
By Post: complete Kofutu manual printout to replace the previous Level & 2 audio CD's
By Email: PDF for download and self-print & 5 audio MP3 files.

Kofutu Formula Healing - Level 2

You will receive a complete new manual with healing scripts plus:
- Four new symbols which increase the energy level you are working with.
- 16 Special -four symbol- Direct Commands which can be used anytime.

- release your own negativity
- disperse negativity around you
- create a healing environment
  and many more.

The healing scripts in Level 2 are simplified.

Each Level of Kofutu Formula Healing includes:
•  The latest Kofutu Manual
•  An Audi MP3/CD to guide you through the latest version of the manual.
•  A handout that clarifies many questions of new and advanced students.
•  Meditation Tapes for the levels mentioned before
    (created by ‘The Ancient’)
•  A Kofutu Formula Opening/Attunement connecting you to the Kofutu  
    Energy Matrix at the Level you are taking.



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