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Spiritual Self Development and Distant Healing




KOFUTU is a Healing System based on the use of Higher Consciousness Energy Symbols.


KOFUTU enhances a person's ability to release any non-productive energies that have created or encouraged disharmony in body, mind, spirit or material life. Kofutu bypasses the ego which is often the main barrier to active growth and reaches directly into the underlying mental and emotional aspects.

The disharmony released need not be limited to physical illness or disease. It may be emotional stress, problems in relationships or careers, financial difficulties or anything in a person's life that is contrary to a harmonious flow.



Specific symbol-combinations form the Kofutu Healing 'Formulas' or Scripts are used to transmit a healing. In order to formulate and direct a specific healing, to people or animals, particular Symbols are inserted into the script making the healing unique.


The ancient KOFUTU Symbols - originate at the times of Atlantis - allowing individuals to access their Inner Resources in order to accelerate Growth, Discovery and Healing.


KOFUTU is one of the most comprehensive and profound

 Healing & Self-Development System to date.




Enhance your Awareness of your Spiritual Purpose

Enhance your Spiritual Consciousness

Kofutu Master Symbols

KOFUTU                              TAMARASHA

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Spiritual Self-Development & Healing

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