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Spiritual Self Development and Distant Healing



KOFUTU is a comprehensive system based on the use of Symbols and Healing Scripts. KOFUTU symbols allow individuals to access their inner resources in order to accelerate spiritual growth, discovery and healing. Through the healing scripts the recipient is assited to activate their own Healing Energy and Spiritual Wisdom.


Kofutu is called a spiritual healing and spiritual development technique as it has no defined goals in its nature. A spiritual healing, and specifically a Kofutu Healing, if done properly, will not interfere with any other healing or developmental process.  

The effects of Kofutu,will never, under any circumstances, be detrimental to a person's overall best interests.



The healing energy in Kofutu is designed to seek out the imbalances and the causes of imbalance and to correct them as they are encountered. During this process, the recipient or the person for whom the healing is being directed, will invariably begin to understand the reasons behind the imbalance and will then allow these "energy blocks" to be released.


A KOFUTU healing takes only minutes and is easily integrated with other growth and healing methods and concepts. KOFUTU healing is directed at an outcome that is in the highest and best interest of the recipient. For example Kofutu physical healings are directed to the proper energetic structure of the body (body-parts/organs), rather than to the disease.



Anyone can learn to use the KOFUTU techniques because the healing action emanates from the use of healing scripts that use symbols rather than from the healer. With Kofutu, the healer is not channeling energy her/him-self and healing is unaffected by the healer's state of health and well-being.

Prior knowledge or experience with spiritual healing or growth concepts is not required in order to learn KOFUTU.



People of all walks of life are using KOFUTU®, for themself or for the benefit of others. Many professionals are using KOFUTU® in their practices: doctors, nurses, psychotherapist, massage therapists and other holistic practitioners; to enhance their clients healing/growth process.

In order to promote self-discovery and personal healing, many people are turning to Kofutu. Kofutu is an ideal continuation of Reiki, but can be learned with or without knowledge of Reiki.




The Kofutu symbols are part of an ancient cosmic language, developed in Atlantis by the Kamuri priesthood about 80.000* years ago.


''KOFUTU healing is not new, at least not in its traditional form. Indeed ancient Egyptians recorded some of the secrets of this healing procedure, but those documents were lost to history. Some practitioners claim that the original concept, along with the Kofutu symbols that are said to provide a gateway to a body’s energy channels, was originally practiced in Atlantis. The practice was said to be lost during the cataclysmic events that caused the destruction of that mythical society''. (from Deb St. George, Publisher,


KOFUTU® was received in 1972 as separate Touch and Absent Healing systems.

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*According to Chris Thomas:

 Atlantis was establishes 85.000 years ago and destroyed 65.000 years ago.


Books by Chris Thomas:  Planet Earth - The Universe's Experiment (2003),  

                                  Synthesis (2011)


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