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Spiritual Self Development and Distant Healing


Kofutu is an ongoing process with many stages, which allows steadily progressing

and growing. The many application of Kofutu seem limitless for self application – healing and growth as well as for aiding other people.


I have never come across a system that is so comprehensive and sophisticated.

The beauty of Kofutu lies in the fact that it is a Self-Healing and Self-Development tool which is accessible for everybody. Enabling one to heal, grow and advance in every aspect there can be. A path towards enlightenment that can be implemented at one’s own pace in the comfort of one’s own environment.  I never thought that this was possible...but there you go...I am on my way.

                    I also love that Kofutu can be applied to help heal others.




I have been a holistic health adviser & practitioner since 1997.

Born in Germany 1961, my prior background includes training as a Goldsmith (Zeichen Akademie Hanau) and Childcare Worker/Educational Nurse.

A health crisis in the late 80’s lead me to investigate self-help and healing techniques,... including bio energetics, reiki, touch for health...


I was introduced to radiesthesia - health dowsing - in 1994, which turned out to be a life changing experience. Learning to connect with my Higher Self and Soul for guidance set me on a path of self-awarenes, self-healing and spititual growth. I became an Adviser & Teacher of Holistic Health Dowsing and Master Dowser in 1999. My journey took me further to the New Zealand and the UK for the translation of the complete Lot-Radiesthesie system developed over a period 30 years by the late Alexander Zoltan. Following the translation the School of Holistic Dowsing was founded in 2001 (currently dormant - undergoing change).

I specialised further in Allergy Analysis and the overwhelming demand lead me to found Allergy Link in 2004.



Additional qualifications:

Touch for Health,

TFT-Though Field Therapy.  

EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner,

NAET- Allergy Elimination practitioner,

Allergy Antidote practitioner,

KOFUTU practitioner & instructor


Further studies: 

Nutrition, Body Mind Analysis, Bio Energetics,

Metaphysics, Energy Medicine, TAT-Tapas Acupuncture Techniques,

Energy Awareness.



Feel free to visit:




I was first introduced to Kofutu through my husband Stephen Eden, who trained to Kofutu Formula Healing Level 7 with Eleiah in 2004.


For some years I had the impression that Kofutu is a very intricate healing modality and always felt a deep respect of the System. The first-hand experiences of the profound effects that Kofutu can have, deepened my appreciation

to the point, that I decided to start train myself in 2010.

It has been an incredible journey so far. My life has changed markedly... and is continuing to do so...

Ute Eden 

Certified Kofutu Healer

& Instructor  (Level 7 )


       Healing beyond any expectation...


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Welcome to KOFUTU comprehensive Spiritual Healing and Self-Development


"My own learning

has always been driven by finding means and ways for self-help and self-healing.

This passion developed into wanting to share, encourage and enable others, to take their health, happiness and growth in their own hands."





Why am I so enthusiastic?


Kofutu has changed my live

in ways I never imagined possible.


Becoming conted & happy, with an even more joyfull attitude to life. My live now flows Harmoniously...

in every way.


Kofutu reached beyond

the scope of the many therapies I experienced

over the past 20 years, including EFT. 

Perhaps because it reached

to the core of my being

- the whole of who I am -

not just one 'aspect'.


Kofutu gave me not only

the 'tools' to change but

to maintain my energy

on a continuous

-daily- basis.