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Spiritual Self Development and Distant Healing



Kofutu Formula Healing is the systematic use of higher consciousness energy symbols for the purpose of intentional spiritual healing through specific healing scripts.  The healing process is activated by the combined use of Symbols and healing scripts.



The Kofutu scripts assist the recipient to connect and activate her/his own Healing Energy and Spiritual Wisdom directly from the Source or Spirit. In this sense Kofutu can be looked at as form of 'prayer'.

KOFUTU does not require the physical presence of the healing recipient. Distant healing can be sent for specific issues or ailments: Physical ailments/pain, Emotional trauma/fear, Psychological issues, and Spiritual Direction.




By design, any psychic intent for a specific outcome either conscious or unconscious by the healer or recipient is blocked, so the healing remains pure. Kofutu assists the recipient to obtain whatever is needed for her/his spiritual growth and healing. This means drawing upon all the resources available, medical, holistic healing, a book, etc.. In the case of medical, you would be guided to the right doctor and treatment, the right hospital and the best time that would maximize the healing that you need.


KOFUTU enhances a person's ability to release any non-productive energy’s that create or encourage disharmony in one's body, mind, and spirit or material life. The disharmony released need not be limited to physical illness or disease. It may be emotional stress, problems in relationships or careers, financial difficulties or anything in a person's life that is contrary to harmonious flow. In Spiritual Healing it is possible that the Spiritual, Mental or Emotional issue can be totally removed and Divine Wisdom, Love, Peace and Bliss put in its place if the recipient is open for change.


                       A specific outcome should never be expected.

 Healing always occurs, but not always the way a person wishes for or thinks it should be.



  ~ Distant healing can be sent for specific issues or problems:

  ~ Physical ailments/pain

  ~ Emotional trauma/fear

  ~ Psychological issues & Spiritual Direction

  ~ Relationship healing: with self and others

         and much more


The Healing Scripts used in Kofutu, allow a choice of symbols or a group of symbols, to designate a specific organ or area of the physical body, a particular type of mental or emotional condition, or situation. There are specific symbols for every Physical or Psychological Issue there is. The use of scripts further ensures that growth and healing are unaffected by the healer's state of mind and well-being, therewith remain pure.

The Physical Healing Script covers every conceivable physical ailment. The Psychological Healing Script has over one hundred psychological issues for the healer and recipient to choose from.

In Relationship Healing, the recipient states what relationship needs the Spiritual Healing. The healing assists the relationship to move to a state of consciousness that is in the best Spiritual interest of both people.




















Charges / Donation:

For the Specific and Advanced healings I ask for a suggested gift amount for the time and effort invested. The healing itself is free.


Usually a Kofutu Healing is applied on a daily basis for 21 day.

• Physical Healing .................. Specify the Specific Issues   £21      

• Psychological Healing ....Specify the Specific Issues   £21    

• Detachment Healing......... Emotional/Psychic detachment £21       










Kofutu Healing seeks the causes of energy imbalances and rectifies them. The recipient may or may not "feel" anything. The recipient may consciously become aware of insights, dreams, or other prompts to spiritual growth, but may heal without any awareness of these.


In dealing with Physical Issues, spiritual healing may create 3 different types of outcomes or combinations:

 You may have a spontaneous remission of the physical  problem.

 You are guided by your Soul or Inner Spiritual Wisdom to draw upon any of the resources  

available on Earth, medical, holistic healing, a book, etc., as a part of your healing process.

In the case of medical, you would be guided to the right doctor and the right method of treatment, the right hospital and the best time that would maximize the healing that you need.

  Your Spiritual Self assists you in releasing everything that is creating the pain within you

and you learn the wisdom and understanding from within so that you remain in the

Higher Emotions and Consciousness of your Spirit which are Peace, Joy, Love, Bliss,

Wisdom, Understanding and Knowingness. In this state of consciousness the physical    

issue is only a minor inconvenience. You may even choose to leave the Earth and return

home into the ocean of pure love.






As a Kofutu healer I make no implicit or explicit guarantee of the results of any Kofutu healing or process. Healing always occurs, but not always the way the person thinks it should be. Specific outcome should never be expected. The healing continues even after the period of the application of the Formula Healing.

As Kofutu Healer acting in the capacity of Kofutu healing I DO NOT advise against consulting a physician, psychiatrist, counsellor or therapist nor advise against following their advice.


Absent / Distant Healing


Please pay

by making a donation

Thank You!

 'Kofutu Healing is always directed at an outcome

that is in the highest and best interest of the recipient.'


  • Physical ailments / pain

  • Emotional trauma / fear / worry

  • Psychological issues & Spiritual Direction

  •            ...and many more types of healing

    ADVANCED HEALINGS  - include a fee:

  • Healing Intensive - for emergency / crisis situations  (21 day healing 3xday)

  • Aura Healing

  • Emotional/Psychic Detachment Healing

  • Cutting Ties

  • Past Life

  • Relationship Healing

  • Wholeness Healing

  • Universal Matrix Healing

  • Closing Psychic Channels (useful for certain types of schizophrenia).


- available for a donation -


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