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Spiritual Self Development and Distant Healing



Learning Kofutu Formula Healing  

The KOFUTU techniques are easy to learn and can be immidiately applyed.

Anyone can learn how to use Kofutu.


Kofutu gives you the resources to heal yourself and to rid yourself of those things that have hindered or blocked you on your path. As well as aiding others in their healing and on their path (including animals). Kofutu has a multitude of healing applications which increase in magnitude with each level of which there are 7 available.


You don't need any prior knowledge or experience with spiritual healing

or growth concepts in order to learn KOFUTU. The healing takes place through the use of healing scripts which use symbols rather than from the healer. Kofutu will not interfere with any other healing or developmental process and is easily integrated with other approaches.


Kofut is a profound Self-Development technique and offers ongoing development with each level which in all will take several years to complete. New perspectives and techniques are gradually introduced with each level.


Kofutu Formula Healing is tought as a home study course

Each Level is thoroughly explained and accompanied by audio files. It takes app.1-2 days to

learn and can be applied straight away.  

Support is given whenever needed - by email, phone or skype.




Each Level of Kofutu Formula Healing includes:

•  The latest Kofutu Manual

•  An Audi MP3/CD to guide you through the latest version of the manual.

•  A handout that clarifies many questions of new and advanced students.

•  Meditation Tapes for the levels mentioned before

    (created by ‘The Ancient’)

•  A Kofutu Formula Opening/Attunement connecting you to the Kofutu  

    Energy Matrix at the Level you are taking.

•  Certificate of Completion.


Level 1              £45  

 Level 2-5         £45

 Level 6               £65





Home Study Courses

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The Next Levels 2-6

Available here are 6 Levels of the Kofutu Formula Healing System available as home study courses. Listed below are the additions you receive with each level. Each level incorporates new symbols into a new scripts, increasing the energy level you are working with. Further, as you go up in healing levels the healing scripts are simplified. It is suggested to work with each Level for 1 - 2 months before going on to the next level. (let your intuition guide you when it is time to proceed).


Level 2

The healing scripts are simplified and you will receive an complete new manual with healing scripts plus:

* Four new symbols which increase the energy level you are working with.

* 16 Special -four symbol- Direct Commands which can be used anytime.

 Examples: release your own negativity, disperse negativity around you, create a healing  

 environment, and many more.


Level 3

The healing script is simplified even more.

* Four new symbols which increase the energy level you are working with.

* How to create Healing Chains to send healing to more people easier.

* You also receive Calendar Healing Scripts for Healing the Past and Integrating the Past.


Level 4

* Two new symbols which increase the energy level you are working with.

* New Special Healing Scripts for Wholeness Healing, Aura Healing, and an Intensive Healing Script.


Level 5

* Two new symbols which increase the energy level you are working with.

* The Direct Commands from level two are stepped up in energy with two new symbols.

* Nine new Direct Commands are added.


Level 6

* One new symbol which increases the energy level you are working with.

* Personal Energy Matrix Healing script for issues with no conceptual basis.


If you have any question regarding the Kofutu Home Study courses

or wish to discuss concession please contact me.

Kofutu Formula Healing - Level 1

Kofutu Formula Healing Level 1 enables you to do all of the following:


Healing for Yourself and Others

•  Do Physical and Psychological Healing for Yourself

•  Send Physical and Psychological Distant Healing to Others

•  Relationship Healing for Yourself and Others

•  Send Healing to Plants, Animals or Machines

•  Do Healing of the Planet

•  Do Healing to Promote World Peace

•  Do Healing to Promote Human Evolution,

•  Do Healing, to Assist the Ascended Masters in their Work.

•  And more scripts


Kofutu Formula Healing provides a Healing Script for every type of situation one encounters in life. You can feel empowered to help others and yourself. Kofutu Formula Healing is a tool that puts you in total control of your health, well-being and spiritual awakening.


KOFUTU can be applied on a daily basis and may only take 10-20 minutes a day, depending on how many healings you do for yourself and/or others.

You may also find that using Kofutu for yourself as a 'daily energy balancing routine' will keep your energies clear and harmonised.

 All KOFUTU Levels are available electronically by email or by post.


    By email:  PDF for download and self-print & audio MP3 files.

     By post:   complete Kofutu manual in a folder -punched pockets & Audi CD


 Your investment:

Ordering your Courses

Concessions are available - please make a donation

  Your investment for Level 1 by email is £45.00    


Home Study Course  

Alternative Payment options:

If you have no option to pay online, or if you are not comfortable making payments online, you can also pay by cheque: made out to ‘Ute Eden' or by BACS Bank transfer (please contact me for details).

UK           £ 15.00

Europe    £ 20.00  

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